Thursday, September 29, 2016

Strawberry Pie

Last summer we went strawberry picking and I had a lot of fun making things with all of our strawberries.  I decided that I wanted to go again and make this a yearly activity.  We had a busy summer with the new little guy being born, but we squeezed it in right before Kevin went back to work.

When I asked Bug what he wanted to make with the strawberries, he said "Strawberry Pie!" Not really sure where he got the idea from because he's never had strawberry pie.  He's been really interested in helping me in the kitchen and baking, so I found a simple recipe that he could help me make.

I usually make my own crust for pies, but having a newborn and having a toddler help, I've had to simplify a few things in the kitchen.  For this, I used refrigerated pie crust.  It was fine and Bug was happy with his strawberry pie.

I also made more freezer jam and the same strawberry muffins that I made last year.  This is a family tradition that I hope continues for many years.

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